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(The PDPU Theatrical Club)
Theatre is an imitation of life, and its chief element is action! In the plot of every work of Theatre and their variedly ranging themes is Man and his life in the Universe. If you look at a small child when they are playing, they are enthralled with their own world, and through their actions, thoughts and the way they play they learn about themselves, others, and the world around them. Play allows them to act out new situations, try out new ways of doing things and by doing so, they learn.
However, when people grow up, the idea of play becomes less important and entering into the imagination becomes more difficult. And this is where theatre has the unique and undeniable ability to help others learn and grow as individuals, as it allows them to play. Through playing, we can once again try out situations, whether it is for a job interview by live action role-playing, or just to think about new ideas, we can also gain confidence in ourselves and learn to trust others. The Theatrical Club plays a major role in providing originality and opportunity to the theatre community.
SOUL PEPPER – the PDPU Theatrics Club gives everybody an opportunity to re-invent their talent on the stage, be it through drama, dance or music. As the name suggests, Soul Pepper aims at bringing a refreshing wind of change all around its presence through theatrical activities that go on in the PDPU Campus all round the year. The club proposes events for cultivating different skills like – acting, dancing, singing, script writing, dialogue-delivery, stagecraft, and costume designing, to name a few. Various genres like – skit, one-act play, mime, satire, street play, and folk drama are practised. Also many kinds of dances are practised, like Classical, Folk and Western. Soul Pepper also participates in inter-college/inter-university events and brings glory to PDPU. Camaraderie – The Soul Pepper Bhangra Troupe has won all the competitions it has participated in, till date, giving it a 100% success rate. Time and again workshops are arranged for all who are interested.
One does not try to express emotions purely by adopting their outward signs, but by identifying personally with the thoughts and feelings of the character. It is debatable whether one can actually “become” another character when trying to inhabit a role. We cannot interact with our environment, other people, or our situation in any way, which is completely outside our own experience.
One might ask the question, “How would I feel if this was really happening to me and how would I react to it?” The result is a creation, which is partly the playwright’s and partly your own. This is also often called “empathy” in acting. It is also the reason why you can watch quiet different portrayals of the same character in the same scene played by two different actors, both of which will be equally valid.
Here at PDPU, we aim for the best and stop not until we beat the best.
As goes the saying, “Life is a drama. Come Play!”

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